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My name is Andy,  and I’m a professional actor working in the greater Chicago area. Originally from Dallas, I started my journey going to college hoping to gather a semblance of direction in my life. There isn’t much to say but that it didn’t work out the way I expected and so I left my college experience with more questions than I had answers; however, things weren’t a total loss. I discovered that through my eagerness of gaining experience I became open to new ideas. To new passions. To art. So feel free to join me as I embark on a new adventure as an artist.


My Resume

Short Films

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Featured Works

Warriors of the World


Shi-Senshi Warrior – Martial arts training, fight choreography, stuntwork, acrobatics. Think Power Rangers.

Honda Commercial


Jerry (Lead) – Filming POV style about my new Honda for all of my followers on Facebook.

Hardie Board Industrial


Construction Worker – Improvisation



  • Vagabond School of the Arts
  • R.E.A.C.T Studios


  • Dallas Comedy House 
  • iO Theater
  • The Annoyance


  • Eastfield College, Mesquite Tx



As a hobby I like to take pictures of my travels and my adventures. If you’re more of a visual person you should check it out!


My Journal

I am absolutely passionate about writing. Be it a blog, an article, or a short story. Be sure to stay tuned for future updates!

Post #2

I’ve been in Georgia for the last few weeks enumerating with the Census Bureau. I had seen the experience as an opportunity to kind of get in touch with some frustrations that I was having with my self. In my head the beautiful scenery, a break from my own normalcy,...

So Here We Go Again..

One of the things that I had hoped to get better at was writing. I had big ideas of stories I wanted to write, I wanted to use the quarantine as an opportunity to get ahead of the curve. So I took classes, started habits, and gathered all of the necessary resources to...

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Andy Svalesen

Actor – writer